The Great Big List from the 2013 CSUN International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference

Time again for the CSUN (California State University, Northridge) Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference. Once again, I’m dusting off Curb Cut and will be posting a whole bunch of links to try and capture the knowledge, feeling of community and spirit of an incredible gathering people talking about lots of really important stuff.

If you know of something I have missed, or have any kind of correction please send me a note at @mactoph or

Conference Reflections

Conference Presentations

This is my favorite part of the great big list. Please encourage your presenters to share their slides online, send me a link or the actual presentation and I’ll make them available below.

Media (Audio, Video, and Images)

Events and Meetups (Formal and Otherwise)

Conference Roundups

News and Resources


You can find #CSUN13 hashtag all over the place. For Twitter check out Twitter, Easy Chirp. You can visual the conversation using twazzup, hashtagrify, or HashParty.

You can also see image, video, and slide collections at Topsy, Lanyrd, and Eventifier.

Official Conference Stuff

The conference website has important things like a list of all the sessions and other official information. There is also a spiffy mobile version available.

If you prefer your formats alternative, the DAISY Consortium has generously made the conference program and other materials available in in ePub format and as a downloadable file.

There official Conference Twitter account is @CSUNCod.

Vendors, Sponsors and Exhibitors

Vendor News, Announcements and Press Releases

Attending the Conference

Last year Deque put together a list of Tips for the CSUN Conference Newbie that are still helpful or you can check out their 2013 Guide to CSUN compiled from a Twitter conversation.

Blind Bargains has created a Guide to Attending #CSUN13 on a Budget. SAS has created an accessible map to help blind participants navigate the conference. For all of your San Diego accessible travel needs @AccessSanDiego has you covered.


Waxing nostalgic? The great big lists from 2012 and 2011 are also still available.

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  1. Chris Mottes says:

    Hi Christopher, thanks for mentioning the Hindenburg Audio Creator demo option on your blog. We are new to the field but really excited to share our vision with anyone working with DAISY book production. Our tool will support workflow for sound engineers with visual disabilities and we’d love feedback and input from interested parties at CSUN.

    Thanks again, and I hope we meet up.
    Best Chris (hopping on a plane from Copenhagen in 10 minutes 😉

  2. Paul J. Adam says:

    Thanks for posting the links to Deque’s CSUN info! There’s one evening event I wanted to post here to promote. There will be drinks 😉

    An Amazing Evening…
    We’d also like to share some more information with you about our Amazing Evening even at CSUN from 6:30-8:30pm on Wednesday, February 27th in the Deque Ballroom (Manchester C). Join us for light refreshments and some amazing entertainment:

    Guitarist Mark Goffeney will be performing. Mark is an American musician from San Diego, California, known as “Big Toe” because, being born without arms, he plays guitar with his feet.
    There will be an appearance by special guest Derek Rabelo, the star of the upcoming documentary Beyond Sight, the Derek Rabelo story.
    And Deque Systems will be making some very special announcements you won’t want to miss.
    An Amazing Evening t-Shirt is required for admission. You can pick up your t-shirt at CSUN, before the event, in the Deque Ballroom. See you there!

    Thanks again! I’ll be sure to send my presentation slides when they’re done 🙂

  3. Thanks for doing this list every year. It’s such a time-saver to have this all in one place. J.J. – Blind Bargains

  4. Web Axe says:

    Thanks for putting together this list again this year, awesome!

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  6. Billy Gregory says:

    This is great, thank you! I missed so many of these presentations so it’s awesome to be able to catch up a little.

    In case anyone wants to see it, I’ve put Responsible Design: Accountable Accessibility online as well –

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