Game On

Dallin Paul

Dallin Paul Looking Good

Congratulations to my youngest brother Dallin Paul who graduates from high school today. After high school, many students with disabilities are offered the opportunity to to participate in some type of post-high education program. Dallin Paul is graduating with an exceptionally large cohort of peers in special education and because of poor planning on the part of the school district his options for a post high education have been severely limited.

Long story short, the school district picked the wrong family to try and place a student in a converted gym for a classroom with little opportunity for community involvement or interaction with any nondisabled peers. If anyone from the school district is reading this, did you not realize that the Phillips family has multiple Special Education degrees, a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, Part of a Doctoral degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and a Juris Doctorate? On top of that we have a combined lot of years as teachers and administrators in special education and direct care of person with disabilities. Game on.