Personas of Persons with Disabilities

I recently presented on disability awareness in building accessible websites to a group of interaction designers. At the end, I was asked about examples of a specific person with a disabilities as well as design considerations for that person. This is what I found:

Personas of Persons with Disabilities and Recommended Design Considerations

  • Fluid, a user experience project for open source projects, created the persona of Sara Windsor, a faculty member who is blind and outlines some considerations in designing an accessible user experience for her.
  • Living with Disabilities, profiles for a blind person, low vision, hearing impaired, motor control impaired, and cognitively challenged, with design considerations for each- from the University of Michigan.

Personas of Persons with Disabilities

Regardless of whether or not you use personas, the examples are helpful to go through to better understand accessibility from a different perspective, even though that perspective is that of a make believe person.

If the personas aren’t doing it for you, take a gander at some of these videos and experiences to get a better feel for how persons with disabilities access the web:

Additional Resources


  1. Aaron Cannon says:

    Great compilation. All too often, I know I get stuck on thinking of only one or two types of disabilities. Another problem I sometimes have is thinking of a single disability as being the same for everyone who has it, even though I know quite well that there are major variations in all disabilities.

    Anyway, I’m sorry I missed the presentation, but I do know that my co-workers definitly appreciated it.


  2. Lisa says:

    Oh that’s a nice list of resources, I hadn’t seen those… Thanks for sharing đŸ™‚

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